Amstutz Associates is a minority own boutique public relations firm with a focus on community relations.

Our niche is serving the development industry on every phase including feasibility, acquisition, planning, entitlements, design, construction, management, and disposition.

We concentrate our Public Relations efforts with a limited number of clients, while controlling our growth to maintain a small and personable culture that anticipate the needs of our clients.

Because of this guiding principle, we are confident in saying it’s no coincidence our clients  have experienced a consistently higher level of success.

Our clients include developers involved in market rate and affordable urban in-fill development and adaptive re-use projects which to date, has produced 18,000 units and counting...

Understanding Public Relations

First, Public Relations primary management function is to establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and the publics on whom its success or failure depends.

Unlike Marketing, Public Relations have other constituents in mind, in particular those that might not contribute to the bottom line but are still essential to the company's ability to conduct business.

Our Public Relations services are about facilitating the best-possible outcome for our clients using tactical communication elements.

Real-time engagement involves insight and analytics requiring transparency, agility, creativity and speed when navigating the multiple audiences, networks and communication channels.

We understand the components of real-time engagement, their limits and boundaries and we use them to build a strategy that meets your organizational objectives.

Simply, our Public Relation campaigns establish and maintain the necessary relationships allowing our clients to successfully conduct business today, tomorrow and the thereafter.

Marcus A. Johnson